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Solo Show 'Famylje', World in a Room, Berlin

I am very happy that the Berlin based Gallery ' World in a room' will show my work 'Famylje' for the first time in Germany!

'The family of the Dutch photographer Eva Gjaltema comes from the Westerkwartier, a rural area on the border between the provinces of Groningen and Friesland, where they have been active for gen-erations in agriculture and raising livestock. In 2004 Gjaltema began to record the lives of her grandparents, in order to preserve the family's history, but also to show a way of life that was dying. Using various techniques and cameras, she expresses feelings of love, sorrow, anger and power-lessness. For this she draws on her own images, but also documents and photographs from the fam-ily archive. The result is a dialogue between generations, and an ode to a way of life symbolic of the whole countryside of the Northern Netherlands'

'Famylje' was nominated in 2011 for the Dutch Doc Award and shown at Noorderlicht Photofestival in 2010 and at the Fotomuseum in the Hague in 2015.

I will show some prints in new formats never shown before.

Opening 16th of June from 19:00


world in a room

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