Workshops and Coaching


Starting from October I like to offer two different programs for you:

I Discovering your own personal voice/style as a photographer

The camera is the most powerful tool ever invented- it is more powerful than any weapon. Its strength comes from empowering people and multiplying their potential. It is a tool that speaks all the languages and can connect its holder with everyone in the world. Its is also a tool that enables each person to share their story and their unique point of view (Lensculture)

For some years I have been giving workshops for kids and teens at C/O Berlin and have teached at high schools. I also assisted Adults workshops at C/OBerlin and did workshops for students in the Netherlands. Since it’s time for something new, I like to broaden my horizons with facilitating workshops myself for adults who are open to think like kids ;)

I mainly like to work with people who work lens-based, who use photography as their medium, but who are open to integrate other media as well within their work. This could mean working with collage, painting, drawing, found footage and installation as well. You don’t have to be a professional at all, if you just started to discover photography and have this enthusiasm to learn more together, that will fit.

 If you are interested in working more from your intuition and emotions, to be more personal in your work and becoming more authentic, maybe we can work together!

 We could work on a series that you would like to develop, think about putting something together for an exhibition, or even edit work for a photo book. We could deepen your thematic approach in general or look how your work can be more experimental. Mostly it’s about becoming more confident that also you have your own personal voice!

Everything is possible, just let me know if you are interested:


II ‘Turning poison into medicine’ coaching

"The process of changing poison into medicine begins when we approach difficult experiences as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to strengthen and develop our courage and compassion. Suffering can thus serve as a springboard for a deeper experience of happiness. From the perspective of Buddhism, inherent in all negative experiences is this profound positive potential. This can be understood to mean that any unfavorable situation can be changed into a source of value. More fundamentally, it is by challenging and overcoming painful circumstances that we grow as human beings. How we respond to life's inevitable sufferings is the key. Negative, painful experiences are often necessary to motivate us (...)

Who am I?

I am a professionally trained photographer/artist since 10 years.

I have developed different qualities and specialties during the last 17 years of intense dialogue and exploration of the photographic medium. My relationship with photography has always been one that is very intimate and intense. I am always looking for a deeper meaning, why I make the work and in a psychological kind of way trying to understand what my work is telling me about myself and the world around me.

I am specialized in themes that deal with identity, family and the influence of history on the present. I just finished my first book ‘The First Three Years’, where I deal with my personal struggles of becoming a mother and how to give this new identity a rooted place within myself.

As an artist I have always been inspired by the power of transformation based on my daily buddhist practice the last 15 years. I believe that negativity and the things that seem to be very negative in our lives, are actually very powerful. Negative experiences can cause us a lot of pain and these negative emotions we carry with us tend to stop us from moving forward.

In my artistic practice I transformed many themes that ‚poisoned’ my life. I transformed my disturbed childhood experience, I transformed my lack of self-esteem, I transformed my complicated relationships with men, I transformed my painful experience becoming a mother and I am still in the process of being a strong stepmother, being part of a beautiful patchwork family.

I am now ready to depart on a new journey to help you transform your poison into medicine. We will do this together and I will guide you through your personal theme how to free ourselves from negativity and become stronger.

What do I offer?

I am not a therapist, but a formally trained artist. I can help you explore your creative side and work out different themes with the help of art. We can do this by making concrete steps. First we need to find out with which medium you feel most comfortable. I want to guide you to take concrete steps how to create something valuable for yourself and others when you feel stuck in your life and how to let everything ‘flow’ again.


I offer online or face to face meetings/sessions where I can guide you to find you own personal theme and find your authenticity as a human being or artist. This can be tested for free in a first online meeting and if you feel that we can work together I can make you an offer how to continue on a weekly, 2 weekly or monthly base.


[1] Kim Anderson, SGI Quarterly, 2002