authenticity workshop (min 3 max 5 persons)


authenticity workshop (min 3 max 5 persons)

50.00 80.00

‘making more authentic work’ workshop

The camera is the most powerful tool ever invented- it is more powerful than any weapon. Its strength comes from empowering people and multiplying their potential. It is a tool that speaks all the languages and can connect its holder with everyone in the world. Its is also a tool that enables each person to share their story and their unique point of view (Lensculture)

For some years I have been giving photography workshops for kids and teens at C/O Berlin and have teached at high schools. I also assisted Adults workshops at C/O Berlin and did workshops for students in the Netherlands.

Since a few months I tried out a new workshop called ‘making more authentic work’

Within this workshop we come together as a small group and show our work to each other, which can be scary if you are in the middle of a process, but can also give us extremely valuable insights when we open ourselves in a safe environment. I will also discuss the work of other artists and discuss the concept of autheticity and how to stay close to our inner voice. I will give you ‘check list’ of how to be able to stay more true to yourselves.

We could deepen your thematic approach in general or look how your work can be more experimental. You don’t have to be a professional at all, if you just started to discover photography and have this enthusiasm to learn more together, that will fit.

 If you are interested in working more from your intuition and emotions, to be more personal in your work and becoming more authentic, maybe we can work together. Mostly it’s about becoming more confident that also you have your own personal voice!

The workshops can be held in Englisch, German or Dutch

We will work in a small group (max 5 Persons) in my studio

The next date will be a Saturday in March from 13:00 untill 17:00, costs €50 pp.

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