CV Eva Gjaltema (*1979, Zwolle) lives and works in Berlin


Education, residencies, collectives:

2016-2017                 Member exp12, contemporary photography collective based in Berlin

2012                           Three months Residency Project, HomeBaseBUILD II, Berlin

2004-2008:              BA, Photographic Design, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague    

1999-2004:              MA, Cultural Studies, University of Amsterdam

1998-1999:               Preparatory instruction, Art and Architectural History, University of Groningen


Expositions (selected):

2019 Group exposition, ‘Fragments of Silence’, Postcard Salon, Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin

2018 Group exposition, ‘Patchwork’, Der Greif :Guestroom by Diane Dufour

2018                          Group exposition, 'Patchwork', Family of no man', Cosmos, Rencontres d'Arles

2018.                         Group exposition , 'Patchwork', 'Postcard Salon', Jarvis Dooney Gallery, Berlin

2018                          Group exposition, 'Patchwork' and ‘Sehnzucht: The Remix’ , Hellerau Photography Awards, Dresden

2018                          Group exposition, 'Sehnzucht: The Remix, 'Motherhood Unveiled', Stitches and Pics, NY

2017                          Group exposition, 'Transparency & Dancing Women', 'Macht der Erinnerung', Soeht 7, Berlin

2017                          Group exposition, 'Berlin: Collages',  'Made in Berlin', Toscana Halle, Berlin

2017                         Group exposition, 'Sehnzucht: The Remix', 10. Wiesbadener Fototage, Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden

2017                         Group exposition, 'Patchwork' with Artist Group 'Kontrapunkt', 48Stunden Neuköln, Berlin

2017                         Solo exposition, 'Famylje’, World in a Room, Berlin

2017                         Duo exposition,‘Sehnzucht’ & ‘Sehnzucht: The Remix’, ‘Quietude’ with Sarah Mei Herman, exp12, Berlin

2017                         Group exposition, ‘Sehnzucht: The Remix’, ‘Mutabor”, ETBK Projektraum, Berlin

2016                         Group exposition, ‘Sehnzucht’, Polaroid festival, Paris

2016                         Group exposition, ‘Home Sweet Home’, & ‘Fernweh & Heimweh’, HomeBaseArchive, Saitama Triennale (JP)

2016                         Group exposition, ‘Berlin (Kollagen)', 'ona rabotajet – sie arbeitet', Projektraum Komet Nr. 29d, Berlin

2015                         Group exposition, ‘Famylje’, ‘Farming Folk. Adventures in the Countryside’, Fotomuseum Den Haag

2015                         Group exposition, ‘Blended’, SCOPE Art Fair, Miami

2015                         Solo exposition, ‘Fernweh & Heimweh’, Fenster 61, Berlin

2015                         Group exposition, ‘The Exposure Award’, Louvre, Paris

2015                         Solo exposition, ‘Illumination II’, the Living Room Expo, Utrecht

2014                         Group exposition, ‘Illumination I', Photography Open Salon, Office Sessions, Royal Docks, London

2013                         Group exposition, 'Knoalster', 'Streekgenoten', Museum de Oude Wolden, Bellingwolde, NL

2013                         Group exposition, 'Illumination I', Galerie Huit, ‘Photography Open Salon’, Penang, Malaysia

2012                         Group exposition, 'Illumination I', Galerie Huit, ‘Photography Open Salon’, Arles, France

2011                         Solo exposition, 'Knoalster', ‘Post Middendorp’, Noorderlicht Photogallery, Groningen

2011                         Group exposition, 'Illumination I', ‘Zomerexpo’, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag

2011                         Group exposition, 'Knoalster', ‘CRISIS!’, de Kunsthal, Rotterdam

2011                         Group exposition, 'Illumination I',  ‘Summershow’, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam

2011                         Solo exposition, 'Illumination I', ‘Huiskamerexpo’, Karianne Rienks Art Agency, Amsterdam

2010                        Group exposition, 'Famylje', Noorderlicht photofestival, ‘Land. Country life in the urban age’, Leeuwarden

2010                        Group exposition, 'wrang', Photo book dummy and artist books, ‘Le Garage’, Arles, France

2010                        Duo exposition ‘Illumination I & II’, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam

2009                       Duo exposition, ‘work in progress' ‘Best of photography departments art academies Netherlands 2008’, ACF, Amsterdam


Nominations, awards, grants:

2018                       Nomination Hellerau Photography Award 2018

2017                        Nomination 'Patchwork', PHOTOGRVPHY Grant

2017                        Project Funding ‘Quietude’, Dutch Embassy Berlin

2017                        Nomination, ‘Sehnzucht: The Remix’, ‘Fine Art’ (Professional), Fine Art Photography Awards

2016                        Nomination, ‘Sehnzucht’, ‘Fine Art’ (Professional), Fine Art Photography Awards

2015                        Shortlist ‘Fernweh & Heimweh’, Athens Photofestival

2014                        ‘Editors Pick’ & ‘Conceptual Project’,  Lensculture,‘Fernweh & Heimweh’

 2011                        Nomination ‘Famylje”, Dutch Doc Award

 2010                        Winner Post-Middendorp assignment

 2009                       Nomination Harry Penningsprijs, ‘wrang’



 Fries Museum and different private collectors through Seelevel Gallery and Karianne Rienks Art Agency


Publications (selected): 

2018 ‘The First Three Years’, selfpublished artist book in 250 copies

2018                          Catalogue Hellerau Photography Awards 2018

2017                           Catalogue 'Insight", Fototage Wiesbaden

2016                           Catalogue ‘A Meditation on Place Collection’, SCOPE Art Miami

2015                           Catalogue ‘The Exposure Award’, Louvre, Paris

2012                            Catalogue Arles Photography Open Salon

2012                            Catalogue Seelevel Photogallery for ‘Unseen fair 2012’

2012                            ‘Famylje’, artist book, edition of 5

2012                            New Dutch Photography Talent, GUP magazine

2011                            Publication ‘CRISIS! Voor de lens’, Fonds BKVB

2011                             Catalogue ‘Anoniem gekozen. Zomerexpo 2011’, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

2010                            Catalogue ‘Land. Country life in the urban age’, Noorderlicht publishing

2008                           ‘wrang’, artist book, edition of 3



2018                           Teaching photography at high schools in Berlin

2017                           Artist Talk about 'Famylje', world in a Room, Berlin

2017                           Artist Talk together with Sarah Mei Herman and Jessica Backhaus, 'Quietude', exp12, Berlin

2016                           Judging member, 'Post Middendorp Assignment', Provincie Groningen (NL)

2015-now                  Teaching and assisting workshops at C/O Berlin for kids, teens and adults

2013 & 2015             Project assisting leader for 'Close Up!', Berlinale & C/O Berlin

2012-now                  Image editor for FORUM, Buddhist Magazine for Peace, Culture and Education, SGI-D

2012                          Pitching 'Famylje' at DDK #7, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

2010                         'Bookcase Study' with Hester Keijser (Mrs Dean), Joerg Colberg, Hans Gremmen

2010                         Pitching 'Famylje' at Photobook Weekend, Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

2010                         Guided Tour, Photofestival Noorderlicht, 'Land, country life in the urban age'

2009                        Workshopleader Summer Course 'CREA', Amsterdam

2007                        Internship with photographerss/artists Annaleen Louwes, Tara Fallaux and Susanne Karsters