Hidden Guest
7:00 PM19:00

Hidden Guest

Exhibition, Music and Drinks at Ramboya Studio

Come and bring friends!

Live Sessions by Soar

Photography by Eva Gjaltema
and Birgit von Bally

Projections by Logi Hilmarsson and Hrafn Garðarsson
© Kisi Productions

In day and intoxication I wander. I am in that strength: the white, the white that smiles.

To my air you have come: a trembling, a vision! I know neither you nor your name. All is what it was. But you draw near: a daybreak, a soaring circle, your name.

A singer I wanted to be, to give the suffering day, give the happy a longing. A singer whose song would strike hard through the day.

And the word was nothing but sounds and light in my heart!

And all is the same dance: not to look, —
and to look: with the naked eye, to look in the eye! — clearly —
the hidden guest.

(from Resting Day 1922 by Gunnar Björling)

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review 'The First Three Years' at photographer.ru by Olga Bubich
8:30 AM08:30

review 'The First Three Years' at photographer.ru by Olga Bubich

“The First Three Years” is a book that being lost is normal, not afraid to be afraid, more terrible is to continue to deny fear. The void in the place of the figures cut from the photographs is temporary. Eva showed that it can be filled with other layers, to collect fragments of a torn reality into pictures of the new world. Poison can be a medicine, a collage - a symbol of a person who has become whole.

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one of my images from the series 'Patchwork' got selected by Diane Dufour for 'der Greif: Guest-Room'
1:00 PM13:00

one of my images from the series 'Patchwork' got selected by Diane Dufour for 'der Greif: Guest-Room'


Der Greif promotes contemporary photography, featuring the work
of up-and-coming photographers and authors from around the world.
Guest Room is a monthly online exhibition with open submissions
curated in real-time by personalities from the international 
photography scene.

Diane Dufour

Curator - June 2018

Diane Dufour is director of LE BAL in Paris, an independent platform for exhibitions, publications, ideas and education, centered on the contemporary image in all its forms – photography, video, film and the new media – founded in 2010 with Raymond Depardon. Internationally famous for the quality of its exhibitions (Anonymous, Nameless America; Topographies of War; Antoine d’Agata, Anticorps; Paul Graham; Lewis Baltz, Common Objects, Provoke – Photography in Japan 1960 – 1975, etc.), LE BAL aims to combine the visual arts with reflections on society. Ms. Dufour has designed many books on contemporary photographers, including Mark Cohen, Dark Knees; Lewis Baltz, Common Objects; Dirk Braeckman, Sisyphe; Mark Lewis, Above and Below. She also started Curators’ Day, a project exchange platform including 30 European museums. She was head of Europe Magnum Photos from 2000 to 2007.



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Crowdfunding campaign for my publication 'The First Three Years'
to Aug 1

Crowdfunding campaign for my publication 'The First Three Years'

  • Eva Gjaltema Photography (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


I am working on a limited edition publication called 'The First Three Years'

The book will eventually consist of 96 pages and be printed at 140 x 180 mm format. The three projects: 'Sehnzucht', 'Sehnzucht: The Remix' and 'Interconnection' will be interspersed with short texts in six small chapters. I have been working on my first publication for some months now, together with graphic designer Amanda Butterworth. Together with artist Saskia Overzee she has made the beautiful selfpublished book 'Collective Memory'. Amanda's style really appeals to me and we have had extensive talks about the possibilities of my projects in book form. Amanda has not made it easy for the printing office Unicum (Gianotten) by processing two Japanese pages and two leporellos in the book. The whole is sewn, Swiss bound and printed on high-quality paper. By making a small edition of 250 I want to be able to offer a unique and high-quality object.

If you like to support me, please have a look here:


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Postcard Salon, an exhibition experiment
to Apr 21

Postcard Salon, an exhibition experiment

Inspired by alternative exhibition formats, possibilities of the gallery space and our flier table that gets a lot of love - our first group exhibition of 2018 will be a ‘Petersburger Hängung’ of postcards, presented on multiple tables throughout the gallery.

To all artists working with photography, video and any lens based or related media, we are providing the opportunity to be part of this experimental exhibition.

Entries close: Wednesday 31st January 2018
Vernissage: Friday 2nd March 2018
Exhibition: Saturday 3rd March 2018 - Saturday 21st April 2018

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Motherhood Unveiled
to Mar 3

Motherhood Unveiled

  • Stitches and Pics ATTN: Stephanie Shively (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Motherhood Unveiled

Curated by Stephanie Shively

"Motherhood Unveiled" presents images that represent “mom” in an all encompassing manner- the good, the bad, the funny, the gross, the heartbreaking, and the triumphant sides of motherhood.

Featuring work by Sarah Ann Austin, Sarah Boccolucci, Marisa Chafetz, Francesca Cesari, Michelle Lee Delgado, Deanna Dikeman, Kristin Dillon, Amanda Driggers, Eva Gjaltema, Annie Hodgkins, Megan Hosmer, Judi Iranyi, Megan Jacobs, Danielle Khoury, Isabel Kiesewetter, Victoria Maidhof, Lily Mayfield, Lindsay McCarty, June Sanders, Annick Sjobakken, Ellen Skoro, Shannon Smith, Vivien Stembridge, Dana Stirling, Alyssa Willey, Tara Wray, and Taylor Yocom

"Motherhood Unveiled" is an online exhibition, as well as an physical exhibition at Stephanie's gallery, Stitches and Pics, in Sackets Harbor, NY.



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Made in Berlin
to Sep 16

Made in Berlin

I will show a selection of photocollages from my series 'Berlin: Collages'

@ Made in Berlin

Group show during Berlin Art Week


For the first time I will present them as large format prints.

Come am have a look for yourselves!

Vernissage: Saturday September 2nd 18:00- 24:00

Finissage: Sunday September 16th 18:00- 24:00



Toscana Halle

Neumagener Strasse 25

13088 Berlin-Weissensee



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Wiesbadener Fototage
to Sep 10

Wiesbadener Fototage

My work 'Sehnzucht:The Remix' is selected for the '10. Wiesbadener Fototage'.

The work will be shown in the 'Frauenmuseum' in Wiesbaden.

Die 10. Wiesbadener Fototage vom 26.8. bis 10.9.2017

Thema der Wiesbadener Fototage 2017


Die eingereichten fotografischen Arbeiten sollen die Gedanken der Fotografen sichtbar machen und Einblicke in ihre Lebenswelten und Themen mit der jeweils eigenen Bildsprache geben. Die Herausforderung besteht darin, Gedankenwelten, innere Bilder oder biographische Elemente dem Betrachter nahe zu bringen.


Festivalbüro - Wiesbadener Fototage

Reinhard Berg - Herderstr.22

D 65185 Wiesbaden

phon: 0611 300429

mobil: 0173 3014770

Email: Lichtbild1@t-online.de

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Kontrapunkt @ 48st Neuköln
to Jun 25

Kontrapunkt @ 48st Neuköln

Texture in the realm of shadows

Groupshow 'Kontrapunkt' for the '48-h-Neukölln' festival from the 23rd untill the 25th of June 2017 in Berlin

Ana Bathe | Peter Ehrentraut | Aino Onia | Eva Gjaltema | Ivano Pellechia | Doreen Trittel

Originating from personal shadows, the artist group “Kontrapunkt” steers the view upon socially and politically relevant shadows. In the ambient light they illuminate texture within these shades. “Kontrapunkt” consists of six artists from different countries with their own experiences and means of expression: photography, installation, painting and words. The artists hit their particular gloomy roads and venture boldly and curiously into darkness. Thereby the artists’ different methods create a transition and elevate these shadows into the spotlight.


Das Labor, Fuldastr. 56, 12043 Berlin

Opening Times:
Fr 19 - 23 Uhr | Sa 14 - 22 Uhr | So 14 - 19 Uhr

I will sell a limited edition of 30 from 3 different poster motives for €75 only!

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Solo Show 'Famylje', Berlin
to Aug 26

Solo Show 'Famylje', Berlin

The family of the Dutch photographer Eva Gjaltema comes from the Westerkwartier,
a rural area on the border between the Dutch provinces of Groningen
and Friesland, where they have been active for generations in agriculture and
raising livestock. In 2004, shortly after the death of her father, Gjaltema began to
record the lives of her grandparents, in order to preserve the family’s history,
but also to show a way of life that was dying. Using various techniques and
cameras, she expresses feelings of love, sorrow, anger and powerlessness.
For this she draws on her own images, but also documents and photographs
from the family archive and the new owners of the land. The result is a dialogue
between generations, and an ode to a way of life symbolic of the whole
countryside of the Northern Netherlands.

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