photography consultancy (5 hours)


photography consultancy (5 hours)


photography consultancy

Book a FREE 30 min call to see if we fit together. Sent me some recent pictures or a project where you have been working on and we talk about what you like to develop within your art, what your personal goals are and how we could reach them within a set time limit.

After the FREE call I can offer you a package of 5 consultancy sessions each 1 hour for €300 instead of €400 incl VAT (spread over max. 6 months). A single 1 hour session will cost €80 The sessions can take place online or in person in Berlin.

Why photography consultancy

During my career I always learned the most of one to one or small group interactions, where we discussed our (not finished) work and gave feedback to each other in a way that was constructive.

It’s sometimes difficult to see yourselves which step to take next to take your work on a higher level. If we want to create better work, we sometimes need another person to guide us in the right direction. I like to guide people and be their mentor in finding their own authentic path within visual art/photography.

Together we talk about how to create the ideal conditions for inspiration and to train your visual perception better. The emphasis will be on finding your unique story, a story that is sometimes still hidden, but waiting to come out and show the world! I can guide you to find you own personal theme, how to translate your ideas into visual language/stories and how to find your authenticity as an artist.

What I can offer you

The 5 consultancy sessions are preferably dedicated to one body of work. It could be used to help to structure the narrative of a project - book or installation; improve the editing of the story or brainstorm in possible design and formats.

The consultancy can be held in Englisch, German or Dutch

Sent me a personal message when you would like to have a FREE 30 mins call!

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